The Stronghouse Advantages

The products of the Stronghouse duct factory are one of the most competitive in Romania. Our equipment uses the latest technologies and our priority is to find the most efficient solutions for our clients.


The team of engineers at Stronghouse, having tens of years of experience in the field of ventilation, supervises the ducting production, making sure that it complies with international standards such as ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001. Due to thorough testing and to the rubber joints that are used, Stronghouse round ducting reaches the maximum level of tightness: class D.



The Stronghouse production line uses equipment provided by suppliers the names of which are synonyms to efficiency. Round ducting and fittings are manufactured with SPIRO Swiss machines, while for the production of rectangular ducting and fittings we use equipment supplied by RAS (Germany), Jouanel (France) and Sente Makina (Turkey).


We build long-term relations with each and every client of ours. Whatever your ducting needs may be – either round or rectangular – we are a trustworthy partner. Standard production uses hot-dip galvanized sheet, but we can also manufacture stainless steel or aluminum sheet products.


Stronghouse offers 3-year warranty for all of its ducting products. Out of respect for the environment and for our clients’ money, we use galvanized sheet with a high degree of coating. Thus, Stronghouse ducting has a service time higher than the average.