Round Ducting

Stronghouse round ducting is compliant with the most rigorous performance requirements, differentiating itself from the other types of ducting due to its high degree of tightness and to the premium quality of the raw materials used. The range of diameters varies from 100 and 1,250 mm and the material used is galvanized sheet type DX51D – Z275 EN 10346.

Round ducting with spiral folding and fittings are executed with machines manufactures by the Swiss company SPIRO. Fittings are equipped with EPDM rubber joints that ensure maximum tightness.

Tubulatura circulara SPIRO

SPIRO round ducting offers several benefits:

  • It is installed fast and easily.
  • It is resistant in temperatures between -30°C and +100°C
  • It is resistant to positive pressure of up to 3,000 Pa
  • Fittings are equipped with sealing rings
  • Adjustment of the ducting does not affect tightness
  • It is environmentally-friendly
  • The aesthetic design allows visible installations

Tightness of round ducting systems


The tightness system is based upon an EPDM sectional rubber joint and it is resistant to temperature variations, ozone and UV radiations. Standard joints can resist to temperatures between -30°C and +100°C.

The rubber joint is placed in a special channel situated at the end of the fittings and it is fixed by edge folding, a procedure that ensures the proper adjustment of the joint.