Rectangular Ducting

Stronghouse rectangular ducting for ventilation is manufactured under the best quality and durability conditions. The standard material used is galvanized sheet, with zinc coating of up to 275 g/sq m. The thickness of the galvanized sheet varies between 0,5 mm and 1,2 mm, depending on the size of the ducting and the air pressure. Upon request, we can manufacture products made of steel sheet with high degree of zinc coating, of stainless steel sheet or of aluminum sheet.  Ducting is reinforced by means of Z-type ribbing.

Tubulatura rectangulară de ventilaţie

Rectangular channels are manufactured from sheet rolls on an automatic machine. In this way, the ducting segments obtained are executed from a single sheet, with only one corner seam, which ensures higher tightness for the ducting.

The segments of rectangular ducting for ventilation and the special parts are coupled with bolts at the angles and with clamps along the flanges. Upon request, the segments can be delivered with a free end or with a provisionally fitted up flange. Thus, the ducts can be adjusted at the very place where they are set up.  For increased tightness, clients may ask for a layer of putty to be applied at the corners of ducting and on the longitudinal seam.

Stronghouse can also execute other rectangular ducting products: ALP ducting, plenums, protections against rain, mechanical protections, noise dampers, roof passages, exhausters, ducting for smoke and hot gas, special structures and a range of sections.